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Why a Business Plan Is Important

A business plan grants you access to the essentials required to move your company from concept to creation. It can either make you or break you. Communicating your message in a succinct and clear manner will allow you to attract the executive team, funding, and overall support required to get your business started. Having a […]

Small Businesses and Banking Lines of Credit

When small businesses start having financial difficulties or sudden growth, they rely heavily on their personal savings and their available lines of credit. They also tend to go the traditional route of asking family or friends. These are all great ways to raising much needed capital. On the other hand, using a business banking credit […]

Wellness Brings Sustainability to Business

Before we get too far down this road of philosophical discussion and comparisons between the various areas that sustainability comes into play, let’s define it. Sustainability is: 1. The capacity to endure 2. The long-term maintenance of responsibility 3. The responsible management of resources and resource use 4. Managing impact These definitions are clearly different, […]